Covid-19 Update

Capcon Engineering Working from Homes

The outbreak of Covid-19 has had a profound effect on our way of life and our way of working. Like many other construction companies, we have had to radically adjust how we go about our business both in the office and on our various sites across Ireland.

Since the outbreak, Capcon Engineering Ltd has strived to follow all advice offered by the HSE and CIF to ensure the safety of our staff and help prevent the spread of the virus. We want to pay tribute to the Construction Ireland Federation (CIF) for their leadership and provision of information and guidance during this time. It has proved invaluable for us in training our staff to meet the new obligations and standards required for safety and minimise of the spread of the coronavirus. All our construction staff have taken the induction test provided CIF and are fully equipped to return to work when the restrictions ease on 18th May.

A mix of strategies

We have had to employ a mix of strategies for our staff over the last number of weeks. Our office, management and design team have been able to continue almost as usual under a “work from home” scenario. In fact, our design team has been extremely busy with continuing contracts and new work which we are taking as a very positive sign for the immediate future of the sector. For our office staff, it’s been a good opportunity to increase the use of online collaboration tools such as Microsoft Teams.

Our on-site construction workers, as per government directive, have had to stay home. We have been able to offer online training for them where possible including the ECDL course as well as the C-19 Officer Training.

Needless to say, everyone is looking forward to getting back to work on-site, on the 18th May.

A challenging time

This is a very challenging time for all people and businesses across all industries. However by working together, as we have so far, I have no doubt that we will emerge from this crisis with not just different ways of working but potentially, better ways of working.

I sincerely hope that all our staff, customers and families are keeping well during this period.

Best regards and stay safe,

Eugene Finn

Eugene Finn, Capcon Engineering

Eugene Finn

Managing Director