About Our Company

Reaching the Highest Standards
in Rainwater Drainage

If you need a rainwater/siphonic drainage specialist you can trust with large-scale project experience, look no further than Capcon. As one of the leading experts in this complex area in Ireland and the UK, we can offer you a complete end-to-end solution for drainage, beginning with custom design and pre-fabrication right through to professional installation, certification, and maintenance.

We understand that choosing the best partner for specialist services in large-scale construction projects can be a challenge. Highly experienced partners focusing on very specific areas of expertise can be hard to find. Work with us at Capcon and you’ll find we have the track-record, people, and core values you can depend on.

Proven Track Record

Having delivered engineered rainwater drainage systems and solutions for leading architects, engineers, and contractors across Ireland and the UK since 2011, we have expertise in the application of bespoke siphonic and gravity drainage for the implementation of all scenarios for rainwater drainage. From the Wuxi Pharmaceuticals to the National Children’s Hospital, we have worked on large-scale projects throughout the region.

Our People

Every specialist service provider is only as strong as the people behind it. We have assembled a carefully chosen team of highly qualified, skilled engineers and designers who take a customer-focussed approach to our work. We fundamentally believe that our relationships with you, our clients, are central to our continued success in delivering from concept to completion across multiple, complex, and long-term projects.


  • Safety
    We instil a culture of behavioural responsibility at all levels in our organisation that positions safety as our number one priority.
  • Quality
    The pursuit of the highest standards underlies our approach to each project.
  • Innovation
    Our drive to continuously improve our service, products, and business model is at the very core of our organisation.
  • Integrity
    We fundamentally believe that business should be conducted with transparency, honesty, and integrity.


Capcon Engineering began operations in 2011. At first, we delivered a diverse range of services including pipe rehabilitation, leak detection, asset management, minor civils and rainwater drainage, working on projects across the UK, Europe and the Middle East. In early 2016, following a full review of our strategic outlook, we undertook a complete restructure and made the decision to focus entirely on the design, supply, and installation of engineered drainage solutions.