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With our extensive experience and expertise in rainwater systems, customers can rely on Capcon for a complete end-to-end solution for rainwater management, from the rainwater roof drainage to harvesting, storing, filtration and treatment, ready for reuse.

Capcon are independent experts in rainwater drainage and rainwater harvesting systems with experience across several manufacturers and suppliers. We’ll take ownership of the complete rainwater drainage and harvesting package from design through to supply, installation, and certification. A single-source warranty and full PI backing covers all design and installation work.

Rainwater Harvesting Design, Supply, and Installation

Capcon Engineering provides a complete rainwater harvesting service for commercial construction, from design consultation to supply and installation and maintenance.
Our design team provides a comprehensive rainwater harvesting design service, including:

For supply and installation, Capcon provides

Rainwater Harvesting for Commercial Construction

Rainwater harvesting is the process of collecting rainwater from a building’s roof using the drainage system and storing and treating the water for reuse.

By capturing and reusing rainwater, buildings reduce their need for potable water and reliance on mains water, reducing utility bills and minimising the impact on local ecosystems and infrastructure. Estimates show that nearly 95% of the water used in commercial buildings could come from non-potable sources*. Buildings can use harvested rainwater for toilet flushing, garden irrigation, fleet washing, cleaning and maintenance, decorative water features, cooling tower makeup water and fire protection systems.

Sustainability is a core principle of leading architecture and project delivery firms and water conservation is a crucial element. With LEED registration for large-scale buildings on the rise it’s worth noting that an expertly designed rainwater harvesting system can contribute significantly by earning up to 10 points across three LEED categories.

So, what is the best rainwater harvesting system and how much does a rainwater harvesting system cost in Ireland? For instant answers to these questions and more, talk to Capcon today.

*William J Worthern Foundation, 2018

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