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Rainwater Drainage Design Services

Rainwater drainage design has evolved to become a niche discipline in large-scale and high-tech construction projects and Capcon Engineering is recognised as a leader in the field. Drawing on over a decade of experience and backed up with €6.5 million professional indemnity, our highly capable design team can slot into your design team as sub-consultants, providing:

In-house Design Capabilities

Engage Early to Reduce Cost AND Coordination Risks

Until recently, the rainwater drainage package was mainly left for the main contractor to tackle later in the construction phase. This approach can have more serious consequences in complex or large-scale building designs. Engaging with a rainwater drainage design specialist early in the design process will reduce overall costs and coordination risks.
  • Efficiency and Effectiveness
    Early engagement allows us the flexibility to design an efficient and effective rainwater collection and drainage system.
  • Improve Sustainability Targets
    Efficient design substantially reduces raw materials and installation times.
  • Cost Certainty
    Gain cost and scope certainty early on for more accurate tender packages.
  • Reduce Coordination Risks
    Better program certainty with reduced coordination risks with other building services.
  • Better Synchronisation
    Flexibility to synchronise the drainage package with roofing, civil, mechanical and architectural remits.

Speak with An Expert

Speak with Stephen Morris, BIM Level 2 Certified, Architectural Technologist, about the rainwater drainage requirements on your next design project. 

Stephen Morris