Rainwater Drainage Solutions

Capcon Engineering are rainwater roof drainage specialists providing design consultation and sub-contractor services for architects, engineers, and main and contractors in large-scale construction. With particular expertise in siphonic rainwater systems, we design and install highly efficient roof drainage systems that frequently result in savings of up to 30% compared to traditional, non-expert systems. A single-source warranty and full PI-backing covers all our work across design and installation stages.

Designing the most efficient rainwater system means:

  • Reduced pipework meterage and diameters.
  • Reduced raw materials and installation times.
  • Sustainability goals are established.
  • Coordination issues are detected and eliminated.
  • Early certainty on cost and scope of the rainwater drainage package before main contractor is engaged.

Why Capcon Engineering?

An End-to-End Service for Rainwater Drainage

With over 400 completed rainwater drainage projects across Ireland, the UK and Europe you can be assured of our expertise and experience in this niche area. From design and tendering right through to supply, installation, certification and support, you can reply on our rainwater drainage experts at every stage of your project path.

Expert Design of Bespoke Rainwater Drainage Systems

Over the last number of years our rainwater drainage design consultancy has grown as more and more architects and consulting engineers engage us to provide a bespoke solution for the rainwater drainage systems of large-scale and high-tech construction projects. By tackling the rainwater drainage early in the design phase of a building project you reduce the risk of coordination issues and ensure that the rainwater drainage system works in harmony with all other services in the building.

The earlier you engage us the more flexibility we have to design the most efficient and effective solution. We can reduce the costs of a traditional non-expert system and produce a more sustainable system with much reduced raw material requirements.

All siphonic, gravity, and hybrid rainwater drainage systems are designed by our in-house design team, in full compliance with BS EN 12056 -3:2000 & BS EN 8490:2007. 

Supply, Prefabrication, and Installation

We pre-fabricate all rainwater drainage pipework off-site in our prefabrication facility in Maynooth, Co. Kildare. Factory-controlled conditions ensure precision, pinpoint accuracy and significant waste reduction on-site. 

Installation of all drainage pipework on your project is carried out by our fully trained, certified, and experienced teams.

Single Source Warranty

Full PI insurance backing covers our design and installation work, and we provide a single warranty source, testing and commissioning, along with BCAR Certification.

Rainwater Drainage Experts

Meet Donnacha Tobin

Allow us to provide certainty of scope, better coordination and reduced costs by providing a  complete drainage solution for your next project. 

Donnacha Tobin