Siphonic Drainage

If you’re initiating tender enquiries for your next project, discover why leading architecture firms and construction partners globally trust us as their expert in siphonic drainage solutions. And you can trust us to deliver a complete end-to-end siphonic rainwater drainage solution customised to your project.

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From design to supply, installation, and maintenance, we invite tender enquiries to ensure a seamless collaboration from start to finish. Our comprehensive approach ensures your project is handled with expertise every step of the way

All our siphonic systems are designed by our in-house design team in full compliance with BS EN 12056 -3:2000 & BS EN 8490:2007. Our teams are trained, certified, and experienced in designing and installing leading brands, including Valsir Rainplus®, Terrain Hydromax®, and Blucher® Stainless Steel Siphonic Systems.

Capcon are Siphonic Specialists

Expertise and Track record

With our extensive portfolio, including the K2 Dublin Data Centre and Singapore Pharmaceutical Facility, you benefit from our proven expertise. Our expertise in siphonic drainage ensures unparalleled know-how on your site.

Excellence in Design and Production

We understand the value of bespoke design and use best-practice design technologies including BIM and 2D to deliver truly design-focused work. Our prefabrication facility means we pre-fabricate pipework systems off-site, in factory-controlled conditions, ensuring precision and accuracy while reducing waste significantly.

Installation and Support

With trained, certified, and experienced teams completing customised installation of all pipework, your project will be in safe hands with Capcon. We can also offer a range of maintenance options includes planned preventative measures, specific repairs and survey services as well as emergency call-outs where necessary.
Siphonic Drainage

What is a Siphonic Rainwater Drainage System?

A siphonic rainwater drainage system is a bespoke, engineered solution that utilises the power of a vertical-induced vacuum to create an efficient, high-velocity roof drainage solution.

The system was originally developed in Scandinavia in the 1960s, and has been in use in the UK and Ireland since the early 1990’s.

But what are the advantages of siphonic drainage? Advantages include:

Offering a range of key advantages, it is seen by many as the most significant innovation in construction roofing technology within the last 25 years. From its high performance and space-saving properties to its capability to reduce infrastructure and plumbing maintenance, siphonic drainage can offer your projects so much. Architects also prefer it thanks to its renowned flexibility in design and sustainable values.

Interested in leveraging the advantages of siphonic drainage for your project? For tender enquiries and to learn more about how we can bring our siphonic drainage expertise to your next project, contact us today

Siphonic Drainage Experts

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