Rainwater Drainage Prefabrication Facility

Your building or project demands only the highest quality solutions and at Capcon, our finely tuned prefabrication facility means we pre-fabricate pipework systems off-site, in factory-controlled conditions, ensuring precision, accuracy and reducing waste significantly.

Within the construction sector, there has been an increased shift towards off-site manufacture. Architects, specifiers, engineers and contractors can see that alongside the business benefits of accuracy, speed, efficiency, it also leads to more controlled environments and safer working conditions.

Precision and Quality

In short, prefabrication services have become an essential element in the delivery of construction projects, and in order to give you the best possible results, our pre-fabrication facilities allow for a level of precision and quality that simply cannot be achieved on-site.

If your project requires large volumes of identical items like in high-rise apartments, office buildings, or hotels, you can gain significant benefits from prefabrication. This is because the process helps speed up the construction work, driving down material and labour costs, eliminating waste and minimising on-site health and safety risks.

As one of the leading rainwater drainage system experts in Ireland and the UK, Capcon’s prefabrication facility ensures we can offer you a complete end-to-end solution for rainwater drainage.

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