Maintenance Services

Rainwater Drainage Maintenance

For your building or project, our experienced maintenance team can offer a range of specialist maintenance services. From Planned Preventative Measures, Specific Repairs, and Survey Services right through to Emergency Callouts, you can depend on Capcon to deliver maintenance operations and service to only the highest standards in rainwater drainage in line with BS EN 12056-3:2000 & BS 8490:2007.

Robust and Thorough Maintenance, Inspection, and Cleaning

The maintenance of rainwater systems is essential to ensuring smooth, uninterrupted operation. But how do you maintain a drainage system and how often should a drainage system be cleaned?

On your behalf, Capcon will ensure gutters, rainwater pipes, outlets and gratings are inspected and thoroughly cleaned once a year. We can do this more often if your building is near an industrial area or trees, or subject to extremes of temperature. After assessing your site, we can agree an inspection and maintenance schedule with you and can also resolve any defects noticed as soon as possible.

Keeping your Building Compliant

In keeping with BS EN 12056-3:2000 & BS 8490:2007, during the first year of operation, it is recommended that inspections should be carried out regularly. Working closely with you, we’ll develop an approach that considers rainfall levels, and we can carry out specific works like debris removal following roof work, clean outlets, and much more. For your records, all cleaning, inspections, works, repairs, tests and any other relevant information are logged as you require.

Substantial Maintenance Experience

Having worked on hundreds of successful projects and delivered water pipe maintenance and rainwater drainage solutions to buildings of all shapes and sizes, we have a clear understanding of both the operational importance of maintenance and the regulatory compliance too.

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