25% Reduction in Rainwater Drainage Cost for Dublin Landings

Dublin Landing

25% Cost Savings Achieved on Key City Centre Site

  • Project
    18-131 Dublin Landings 3-5
  • Location
  • Contractor
    Walls Construction
  • Architect
  • Technology
    Siphonic & Gravity System
  • Scope
    Design, manufacture, installation

Capcon worked on three blocks on this city centre site, delivering siphonic drainage expertise and solutions. With a large network of terraces to work with, double the amount of drainage would probably have been required without using the siphonic approach. However, in this case, siphonic drainage will dramatically reduce the amount of pipe work required which in turn will reduce the overall cost of the rainwater system by 25%.

With no harvesting tank or attenuation tank on-site, all systems had to be routed to one side of the building. Using traditional gravity drainage simply would not have been as effective or have delivered the same level of savings simply because a gravity system would have required larger diameter pipe work to cater for the rainfall from the three main roofs.

End-to-end Solution

While siphonic drainage was chosen to handle particular challenges, we offer a complete end-to-end solution, demonstrating our ability to tackle specific issues on site through a variety of methods and approaches. And in this case, we also designed, supplied and installed gravity drainage to the podium, including along the building expansion joints. This was of particular benefit to our construction partner as it eliminated another potential interface.

Image from Dublin Landings