Safety Week Event with Gerry Duffy

Gerry Duffy speaker at Cacpon's Safety Week Event

Gerry Duffy was our keynote speaker at Capcon’s “Switched On” Safety Week event for 2019. Gerry’s fresh approach to tackling safety ensured a stimulating afternoon for over 60 Capcon staff members and clients at the Hamlet Court Hotel. 

Switched On To Safety - Awareness & Behaviour

Safety is number one on our list of core values here at Capcon. We wanted all staff and suppliers to really engage with what it means to “come home safe”. It’s not just a matter of enforced regulations and “awareness”. It’s also about personal responsibility and behaviour.

Introducing the event, Eugene Finn, Managing Director, gave a moving speech reflecting on the death of a colleague and sub-contractor on a construction site nearly 20 years ago. You can read the full piece here.

Gerry Duffy‘s keynote used a combination of motivational speaking and hands-on activity to reach each participant – encouraging them to understand safety from a personal perspective, measure their current safety values and commit to continually increasing their own personal level of safety. 

There was a good buzz among staff and clients following the event and feedback was very positive – especially in relation to our approach this year:

Most (if not all) of the previous H&S courses and talks I have attended over the years leave one with an almost overpowering sense of responsibility and impending doom, if anything goes wrong.

I felt that Friday’s session was a much more empowering approach in that the focus was (a) on encouraging people to assess their own approach to health and safety and (b) on people's ability to make improvements.

The key is to decide and then ACT.
Morgan Kilgallen
Kilgallen & Partners Consulting Engineers
I found the whole experience very enjoyable. The way Gerry and Eugene interacted with the people and put forward the risks and solutions with regards to personal awareness - it made a lot of sense. Personally speaking, it made me more health and safety aware when on construction sites.
Colin Ward
Etag Fixing Ltd.

2019 marks our first event for Safety Week in partnership with CIF. Based on the positive response from our staff we look forward to hosting again next year. 

Capcon were official partners with CIF for Safety Week