Capcon Launch CPD on Siphonic Drainage

Siphonic Drainage CPD Certified

Capcon have launched a CPD covering Siphonic Drainage. It has been certified by CPD UK and can be delivered online or in-person. 

Capcon have developed a CPD that gives professionals an overview of Siphonic Drainage technology. The “Introduction to Siphonic Drainage” CPD is certified by CPD UK and covers:

  • An overview of siphonic drainage
  • Comparison to traditional gravity drainage
  • Advantages and disadvantages of siphonic drainage
  • Real world examples of siphonic drainage in action
  • Q&A session
The Q&A session was very instructive and the presenter's knowledge came through strongly at this stage.
Siphonic CDP Attendee
Kilgallens & Partners, Consulting Engineers

The CPD is delivered by our highly experienced Design Manager, Stephen Morris. Stephen leads our in-house design team and recently received his certification for BIM Level 2.

The Certified Siphonic Drainage CPD takes about 45 minutes and includes a very useful Q&A section at the end where participants can put questions to our highly experienced Design Manager on the application or feasibility of siphonic drainage in specific scenarios.

How to Book

To book a CPD for your team please visit our CPD page for our booking form or contact our Ireland or UK office.