Custom-Design Drainage for Griffith Wood Apartments

Griffith Wood Apartments Construction

Griffith Wood Aparments

  • Project
    Griffith Wood – 8 Apartment Blocks
  • Location
    Dublin’s North Side
  • Client
    Cairn Homes
  • Architect
  • Design Team
  • Technology
    Siphonic & Gravity System
  • Scope
    Design, manufacture, installation

Design Brief

Project consists of 7 blocks that are to be drained by means of siphonic drainage and a podium slab / series of balconies that are to be drained by traditional gravity means. Minimum head heights in the basement and connections to in ground drainage pose the biggest issues in terms of design.

Custom-Design Drainage for City Centre Apartment block

At the junction of the Airport rd and Griffith Avenue on Dublin’s north side, the Griffith Wood Apartment block is destined to be a showcase development when construction is completed. Capcon was tasked with designing a drainage solution capable of handling the specific challenges the project posed. Seven apartment blocks would require drainage through the Siphonic Drainage method while a podium slab and series of balconies are to be drained by traditional gravity means.

Siphonic Specialists

Specific design challenges included the requirement for minimum head heights in the basement and connections to in-ground drainage. The network of balconies that required gravity drainage would need highly customised designs as there was far less space to work with. As one of the leading specialists in Siphonic Drainage in Ireland and the UK, we could apply our design insight and expertise to deliver a highly tailored drainage solution to this new city development.

Images by Cairn