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Project Phoenix – new Guinness brewhouse and production plant – 2013

Diageo have developed a new state of the art brewing facility at St. James Gate in the heart of Dublin. The development consists of a Brewhouse facility, new grain intake and associated silos, production offices and laboratories. The development represents a €153 million investment in the St James Gate brewery. Project Phoenix also represents a major commitment from Diageo to continue the traditional brewing of Guinness in Dublin City since 1759. CapCon Engineering is proud to have played a part in this exciting new development by installing a 1 kilometre of rainwater drainage pipework. The new brewery will is the first of its kind on the island of Ireland and uses state-of-the-art plant and processes to minimise energy consumption and is partly responsible for brewing 40,000,000 pints of stout and beer each week.

The new facility allows Diageo to develop new experimental ales in their laboratories and also brew on a 24/7 production basis. This is particularly important when demand increases due to seasonal orders. Think Paddy’s Day, Arthur’s Day and don’t forget Christmas!!

Enormous vessels for the brewing process were brought onsite and fitted into position in Summer 2013. The largest of these vessels, stands almost 10 stories high at almost 85.5 feet tall and weighing 28 tonnes while empty and over 500 tonnes when filled, and is capable of holding just under 1,000,000 pints of Guinness.

The entire process of brewing the infamous stout runs through an overhead piperack connected to the tanker station. Essentially the overhead piperack is the pulmonary system for the new Brewhouse.

CapCon Engineering’s Role in this projected included;
Installation of almost 1 km of HDPE Engineered Rainwater Drainage Pipework

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