MacDonagh Junction Shopping Centre Siphonic Drainage

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Siphonic Drainage Kilkenny

MacDonagh Junction is the largest shopping centre in the south east. Located in the heart of Kilkenny City beside the train station, it is home to many of the top high street brands. CapCon used a siphonic drainage system at the site.

The main eating area is known as The Workhouse Square. This is a covered outdoor space with access from the main street via the Hebron Road and also from the shopping mall itself. Workhouse Square is also an events space which hosts musical performances and on the first Sunday of every month the Workhouse Crafts Fair.

The Goods Shed Market is the newest development within the centre; this is a unique concept designed to provide retail space for small start up business.

The heritage and historical aspects of the restored workhouse buildings, the renovated railway buildings, the famine memorial garden and the Kilkenny time capsule, are unique to MacDonagh Junction, adding further to Kilkenny’s rich historical legacy.

Architect : Reddy Architecture
Main Contractor : Mcnamara Construction

CapCon Engineering’s Role in this projected included;

CapCon Engeineering drained this building by means of Siphonic Drainage Systems which had the associated effect of reducing, dramatically the required underground drainage requirement.

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