Lead Pipes Contaminate Water


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Pipe Rehabilitation Provides Effective Solution

It has been very well documented in the news of late that drinking water from lead pipes can cause a number of serious health issues. It is estimated that over 180,000 homes in Ireland may be affected and Irish Water is urging any owners of homes built before 1980 to check their internal plumbing. The EU has recently reduced the acceptable levels of lead in water to supplies from 25 micrograms per litre to 10.

If lead is identified as an issue, one option is to replace all the old pipe work but this can be very expensive. CapCon Engineering has been successfully trialling a much more cost effective approach with excellent results. We are using a revolutionary new form of pipe rehabilitation that allows us to tackle this problem without the need to dig up roads and driveways causing unwanted disruption or damage.


The Problem

The old way of suppling water to homes using lead pipes is no longer used. All of the old pipes are being removed from the mains distribution network throughout Ireland. Irish Water is committed to investing a further €370million over the next decade to replace out dated pipes. The company has suggested adding a chemical to the water supply to help deal with the issue while upgrades are completed. However, they are only replacing the infrastructure as far as the boundary of a property and from there on, it’s the responsibility of the home owner to solve the problem.

Water containing lead can affect your health, the Health Service Executive (HSE) provides some very useful information on the implications from drinking contaminated water and who is most at risk.


Our Solution

CapCon Engineering is an expert in providing building services and utility services throughout Ireland. We have recently carried out a series of extensive trials in Dublin using Nu Flow’s pioneering green technology. The new technology allows us to a rehabilitate all lead pipes making them suitable for carrying drinking water. The solution has now proven to remove the risk of contamination to the water supply without causing any damage and disruption to your household.

How does it work?

Nu Flow technology has been used by a number of water companies in the UK to eliminate the danger in thousands of homes. Our engineers first of all carry out a survey to assess the scale of the problem. This allows us to complete the works on time, within budget and causing the least amount of disruption. The lead pipes are treated by lining the inside of the pipework with a polyurethane coating which provides a barrier between the lead and the water.

The procedure has been fully approved by the Drinking Water Inspectorate (DWI) and the Water Regulations Advisory Scheme (WRAS). This technique is a safe and affordable solution for households looking to get on top of the problem. It’s also more cost effective and a lot more convenient than replacing all the piping.


Contact Us

If you locate lead pipe work in your home or are in any doubt contact a member of our team to discuss your options and find the best way to make sure you have clean, safe drinking water. Our highly trained staff will be able to advise you on the best course of action and if you choose Nu Flow we guarantee you will be happy with the results.