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Global Drinks Producer Drain Line Project | CapCon Engineering | Ireland

Global Giant Uses CapCon to Restore failing Drain Lines

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Customer: A global leader in beverage alcohol with iconic brands in spirits, beers and wines.

Site: Located in Dublin, the site is a large production facility for one of the leading iconic brands produced by the customer.

System: Drain system serving the production facility. Pipe sizes ranged from 100mm (4”) to 225mm (9”) diameter.

Problem: The drain system was in poor condition and not performing to standard. This was a result of multiple blockages, circumferential fractures, open joints, leaks, and collapsed and broken pipe sections.

Circumvention: Due to the magnitude of damage throughout the drain system, the only alternative solution for the customer would have been to dig up and replace the entire system. This would have been extremely disruptive to the daily operations of the plant as multiple excavations would have been required. It would have also taken months longer to complete and would have been 2-3 times more expensive.

Solution: CapCon’s non-invasive technology was the solution the customer needed. Our skilled technicians were able to rehabilitate the failing drain system using our unique pull-in-place technology, and did so without disrupting daily operations in the plant. First, the pipes were cleaned and restored to their original diameters. Once the cleaning process was complete, the Nu Drain structural liner was pulled into place using existing access points on the facility’s grounds. The liner was then cured to the existing host pipe and a final inspection was carried out to confirm the system’s new integrity. This offered the customer a permanent solution to their problem and saved the requirement of a drinks drain line capcon engineering Global Drinks Producer Drain Line  CapCon Engineering  Ireland costly shut down or repipe.