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Pipe Rehabilitation International Stadium

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pipe rehabilitation aviva stadium Site: The Aviva Stadium Dublin was originally constructed in 1872 and was redeveloped in 2010. Home to the Football Association of Ireland and the Irish Rugby Football Union, the Aviva is the third largest stadium in Ireland. It is 63,802m² with a roof size of 19,000m² and has a seated capacity for 51,700 spectators. Areas under the stadium were in need of pipe rehabilitation.

System: Difficult to access 580mm (22”) HDPE rainwater pipe which was a main outlet for rainwater off the stands.

Problem: The rainwater pipe had problematic joints causing blockages, back-ups and leaks. The customer wanted to avoid cutting out and replacing the pipe.

Circumvention: The problematic area ran under the stadium arena and into the electrical supply room, therefore a costly shutdown to the busy stadium would have been required if the customer had chosen a traditional repipe.

Solution: CapCon’s non-destructive pipe lining technology was the solution the customer was looking for. Our technicians gained access above the electrical room and were able to clean and fully reline the problematic area using our unique ‘Nu Main’ Epoxy liner. The CapCon team carried out the rehabilitation in a professional and efficient manner, saving the requirement of a costly shutdown or repipe.

The customer was pleased to find CapCon’s pipe rehabilitation solution fixed the problem in a fraction of the time, cost and disruption to a traditional repair.

“When we first came across this issue, our main fear was for the electric supply room which distributes all power to the areas required within the stadium. Also, being such a busy stadium for sports and conferences, logistically to try and cut out and replace this pipe was a major problem. Thankfully we came across CapCon and with their knowledge and expertise, a solution was found and concluded at a fraction of time, costs and disruption.”

Sean Farrell, Building Services Engineer, J. Sisk & Son Ltd.

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