Poland Palace of Culture and Science

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HVAC Pipeline Rehabilitation at Warsaw’s Tallest Building

hvac warsaw capcon engineering Customer: The Ministry of Warsaw.

Site: Built in 1955, the Palace of Culture and Science is Warsaw’s tallest heritage building.

System: Two steel HVAC cooling pipelines with diameters of 200mm and 250mm.  Both pipes were 40m in length with a 45º bend, and one had a 90° bend also.

Problem: The aged, severely corroded pipes were inaccessible as they were encased in concrete within the main foundation of the building.

Circumvention: The only other option available to the customer would have been to dig up and replace each pipe – which would have been extremely destructive and would have resulted in weeks of business closure.

Solution: CapCon Poland technicians had to specially build cleaning equipment which would fit into a confined tunnel space to access the system. Once the pipe was cleaned back to its original diameter, the Nu Drain structural liner was then installed to rehabilitate the system. The project was successfully completed and no destruction or closure was caused to the busy centre.

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