Rainwater drainage challenges overcome after late appointment to project

Warehouse rainwater drainage pipework services

Musgraves Warehouse Kilcock

  • Project
    Musgraves Warehouse Kilcock
  • Location
    Kilcock, Co. Kildare
  • Client
  • Contractor
  • Technology
    Siphonic & Gravity System
  • Scope
    Design, offsite prefabrication, installation

Challenges to Overcome Following Late Appointment

A recently completed design, supply and install project in Kilcock, Co. Kildare for Musgraves requiring a full primary and secondary siphonic rainwater drainage system for a c. 12,000 sqm extension to an existing distribution warehouse and adjoining office area.

Warehouse rainwater drainage solution

Key Challenges

Capcon were contracted very late in the project after the previous contractor withdrew mid-project. This created several challenges that required immediate resolution to ensure program delivery was achieved on time. The primary constraints were

As part of the extension there was alterations required to an existing siphonic drainage system which was designed and installed by another siphonic contractor who are no longer active in the Irish market. There was extensive collaboration between ourselves and the company to come up with a workable solution.

Our expert team of designers worked diligently to overcome all these hurdles efficiently to ensure our site teams were able to commence onsite when required. The installation was carried out by our experienced installers at heights in excess of 17m. We installed over 1,200m of HDPE pipework on the project all within the required timeframe ensuring all programme requirements were met.

Warehouse rainwater drainage installed at height

Photography by Piotr Biszcz.