Tesco Distribution Centre Siphonic Drainage

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Tesco Distribution Centre Siphonic Drainage

Donabate, north dublin 17 acre building drained using 24 downpipes

Tesco Ireland is one of the largest grocery retailers in Ireland and is continually expanding their presence around the country. The Tesco dry goods distribution centre at Donabate in County Dublin is one of the largest in Europe with a building foot print of 740,000ft2 (125m x 545m). The distribution centre is pivotal in the day to day distributions of Tesco Ireland to their numerous country wide stores. CapCon engineers worked at the site and successfully installed a siphonic drainage system.

Architect: Ashton Smyth Associates
Main Contractor: Manning Construction
Consulting Engineers: Punch Consulting

CapCon Engineering’s Role in this projected included;
We drained this building by means of 24 Siphonic Drainage Systems which had the associated effect of reducing, dramatically the required underground drainage requirement.

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