Tesco Kildare Town Gravity Drainage

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Gravity Drainage for Tesco

The new Tesco Kildare Town store was officially opened today, Monday 5th of December, creating over 130 new jobs. CapCon Engineering were commissioned to install both a gravity drainage and siphonic rainwater system at the site.

Local suppliers to the store include Kildare Chilling, Kildare Town; Paul Brophy, Naas; Brady Family, Naas and Green Isle, Naas. Tesco is one of the biggest supporters of the Irish food and drink industry, with €655 million worth of exports of Irish food into the Tesco Group annually.

As part of Tesco’s commitment to reduce its carbon footprint, the Tesco Kildare Town store features a number of innovative, environmentally-friendly technologies. These include a timber frame built from sustainable sources instead of steel, refrigeration which uses CO2 to cool the freezers and fridges rather than traditional refrigerant gases, and a CHP plant that heats the store and generates electricity very efficiently.

Architect : Joseph Doyle & co Architects
Main Contractor : Mnnings Construction

CapCon Engineering’s Role in this projected included;

  • Siphonic Drainage Systems
  • Polyester Powder Coated Aluminium Gravity Drainage

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