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University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh, Scotland Joseph Black Building – Rainwater Drainage Survey – 2013

The Joseph Black Building was originally constructed in 1924 and continually added to over time. The original building was constructed in a “U” shape with a courtyard to the centre rear. As the years progressed, this courtyard has been filled with additional buildings to meet the extra capacity required within the academic building.

A renowned chemistry school, this building is now at saturation point in terms of drainage. The purpose of our visit was to try and ascertain what rainwater drainage there was, where it is going and how to best drain the building going forward. At first view, this was no easy task. There are a couple of easy fix solutions that might solve some of these issues in some areas but these would not future proof the building should climates continue to change.

We were approached by Mr. Aynsley Cheatley, Summers-Inman Construction & Property Consultants, to complete a survey of the rainwater drainage systems and advise as to a remedial plan for these systems to perform in accordance with BS EN 12056:3:200. Following agreement by University of Edinburgh – Buildings & Estates, CapCon Engineering Ltd. were employed in July 2013 and visited site on the week commencing 12th August 2013. The detailed survey required 10 days to complete.

Architect : University of Edinburgh, Buildings & Estates.
Consultant Engineer : Summers-inman Construction & Property Consultants

Capcon Engineering’s Role in This Projected Included;

  • Complete Rainwater Drainage survey
  • Compile report as to the issues & calculations of existing systems
  • 3.Complete drawings of existing RW drainage
  • Write a new scope of works to implement advice as per report
  • Cost comparisons of report findings

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