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CapCon Complete Pipe Rehabilitation of Potable Water Pipes

Prestigious Hampshire Home

rehabilitate potable water pipes Customer: Midland Corrosion Services Ltd. (MCS) recommended CapCon’s patented technology to a homeowner in the UK to complete the pipe rehabilitation.

Site: A substantial, newly built family home located in the southern English Countryside of Hampshire.

System: Hot and cold potable water lines flowing through the entire property.

Problem: Despite the fact that this was a fairly new house, the pipework had been the subject of extensive pitting and corrosion over a number of years, causing numerous leaks and damage to internal furnishings. The homeowners became nervous about this growing problem because there were valuable art pieces in the home. They contacted MCS to investigate the issue and emphasised that they wanted a cost effective solution that would not disrupt the inside of their prestigious house. 

pipe rehabilitation potable water pipes capcon engineering home Circumvention: Two solutions were available to the client following the investigation carried out by MCS – rehabilitate the pipelines by application of liquid epoxy, or dig up and replace the entire system throughout the prestigious home. The latter would have caused destruction to the entire property both internally and externally, taken months to complete, and would have been significantly more expensive.

Solution: Following the client’s wish to find a minimally disruptive solution, MCS contacted CapCon to rehabilitate the system. Our highly skilled technicians cleaned the inside of the pipes using a sand based material and compressed air, and successfully lined the system using ‘Nu Line’ technology. Nu Line is a non-invasive process that uses a blown-in epoxy to coat the inside walls of pipes, without destruction to interior or exterior surfaces of the building.

The homeowners were extremely happy that CapCon were able to get the work done quickly and efficiently, with no damage to the property, and at a fraction of the cost to a pipe replacement.

Their proprietary technology is a revolutionary resolution to
some of the very complex challenges being faced by our clients and we have been extremely satisfied on each occasion we have used their services”

– Steve Munn, Project Director at Midland Corrosion Services Ltd.

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