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Water Main Pipe Repair under Busy Street

Pipe Relined Without Disruption to Traffic

pipe repair capcon engineering CapCon’s unique, non-destructive, pipe repair and pipe lining technologies offer a refreshing choice for local authorities that have failing pipelines beneath public roads, but do not want long-lasting excavation sites that cause expensive, inconvenient roadworks.

Customer: Kildare County Council, the local authority group that maintains the county’s infrastructure.

Site: Public drinking water main located below a paved street on Maynooth, Co. Kildare. This busy road serves a Garda station, fire station, nursing home, train station and several other businesses and residences.

System: The steel water main was 135m (443ft) long with a diameter of 80mm (3”). There were three manhole access points available along the road.

Problem: The aged pipeline’s internal diameter was significantly reduced due to corrosion. The customer wanted to rehabilitate the pipe without digging up the road or causing traffic jams.

Circumvention: At least half of the road would have been blocked off if the customer had chosen to replace rather than renew the pipes. Piles of pavement, concrete and dirt would have been dug up to access the pipes, and then fresh hardscape would have been installed after the pipes were replaced. This would have caused significant traffic jams for several weeks and would have been severely disruptive to the busy area.

Solution: CapCon has the unique technology to complete pipe repair of small diameter pressurised pipelines that other competitors cannot line. Using this ‘blown-in’ technology, an epoxy barrier coating was created along the internal walls of the pipeline. This barrier coating prevents pinhole leaks, corrosion, rusty water and other common failures associated with aged potable pipes. The three existing access points along the road were used to carry out this project and no disruption was caused to traffic, local businesses and residences.  The work began on a Wednesday and was complete by Friday afternoon, without any visual evidence that works had been carried out.

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