Martime Rehabilitate Pipeline Project | Capcom Engineering Ltd | Ireland

Busy Hotel Remains in Operation Whilst CapCon Rehabilitate Pipelines

Martime Rehabilitate Pipeline  | Capcom Engineering Ltd | Ireland Customer: The Maritime Hotel is a 4 star hotel located in Bantry, Co. Cork. The hotel is a member of the well renowned Gleneagle Hotel Group.

Site: The Maritime Hotel is located on Bantry Bay and features over 100 designer bedrooms, a fine dining restaurant, spa, full size pool, and exercise room.

System: 75mm (3”) and 100mm (4”) pressurized mains, cold and grey water pipelines.

Problem: The Hotel’s mains, cold and grey water systems experienced problems such as pin hole leaks and vastly reduced water pressure throughout the entire property.

Circumvention: A traditional repipe of the system would have cost the hotel in excess of €240,000, excluding the costs of removing and replacing ceilings. A conventional pipe replacement would have also required the hotel to shut down for approximately six weeks to allow for the works to be carried out, further adding to the cost of the project.

Solution: CapCon technicians used the unique ‘Nu Line’ technology to successfully clean and reline the hotel’s pressurised water systems. The work took 12 weeks to complete and the hotel was able to remain in operation throughout this period. The CapCon team were careful to avoid inconveniencing hotel guests and worked as quickly as possible with minimal disturbance to hotel operations. The customer was extremely satisfied with the end result and reports no issues with the pipework since completion of the project.

“The work carried out by CapCon saved in excess of 40% in the cost of pipework, by remaining operational over the period we were able to retain over 50% turnover, saving considerably in disruption when compared to conventional pipework replacement”

Jonathan Kay, Group General Manager at The Gleneagle Hotel Group.