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Nu Drain Technology

CapCon Prevent Costly Excavations and Disruption to Dublin Residence

nu drain irlCustomer: Irish construction company Eves Construction Ltd. were hired by the homeowner to carry out a building extension on the property.

Site: Private residential home in Terenure, Dublin.

System: Difficult to access 100mm (4”) sewer drains which ran belowground and underneath the house.

Problem: The existing sewer drains on the property were severely damaged with circumferential breakages, blockages and intrusions. Due to the poor structural integrity of the system, Eves Construction could not lengthen the sewer line to serve the property’s new extension. This was an unanticipated strain on an already tight programme and project budget therefore the customer needed to find a quick and cost effective solution.

Solution: CapCon technicians used existing access points to inspect, clean and line the system. The ‘Nu Drain’ technology was used which allowed the team to restore the pipelines back to their original PVC strength and improve the structural quality of the system. CapCon solved a problem for Eves Construction that would have otherwise required extensive excavations to the property, both internally and externally. The rehabilitation was carried out without causing any destruction to the site, displacement to the homeowner, or disruption to the original project schedule – all of which would have added significant costs to the project.

“We couldn’t have predicted the level of damage that we found in the system, and we were already under pressure with a tight budget and time schedule….

Thankfully, CapCon were able to solve this problem for us at a fraction of the cost to a traditional repipe. We were able to continue working elsewhere on site while CapCon fixed the system for us. This helped us reach our project deadline and save on costs which would not have been possible with any other option. I have no problem recommending the CapCon team and their unique technologies”

Liam Eves, MD at Eves Construction Ltd.

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