Pipe Rehabilitation Private Residence Kildare

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Pipe Rehabilitation – Sewage Drain Pipe Serving 3 Residences

pipe rehabilitation Customer: Pipe Rehabilitation for a Building Surveying company acting on behalf of a residence group.

Site: Private residential estate in Naas, Co. Kildare.

System: The system was a 150mm (6”) clay sewer collection pipeline which connected three dwellings to the main public sewer. The drain line was located to the rear of the dwellings and turned at the last property at a 90° bend to continue to the main public sewer. The overall length of the pipeline was 43m.

Problem: The failing clay system was old and created recurring problems at the three properties such as blockages and slow flow. This was due to a number of dislocated joints, vertical and horizontal cracks, and multiple root intrusions.

pipe rehabilitation capcon Circumvention: A traditional pipe replacement solution to this problem would have required multiple excavations on gardens, footpaths and the road. This would have added significant costs to the project and been extremely disruptive to the homeowners as well as the other residences who use the road.

Solution: Using the ‘Nu Drain’ technology, CapCon were able to offer the customer a permanent solution to their problem whilst minimising disturbance to local residences. The CapCon team first carried out a survey of the site and then began jetting and clearing all lines to the mains connection. Root intrusions were cut away and the system was restored to its original state. The structural liner was installed to renew the drain system, eliminating all problems and preventing the recurrence of root intrusions. The pipe rehabilitation works were fully completed within one week.

“Our technology allows us to conduct full rehabilitation’s on hard to reach, difficult areas without excavation. The 90° bend in this project was no different than any other area on the pipe – Nu Drain is very versatile in that way”

Robert Finn, Project Director at CapCon.

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