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No Disruption Caused to Busy Main Road Roundabout

Site: Pipe lining at a main road roundabout with high traffic volume serving Port Laoise town and its busy hospital.

System: 60m of 150mm (6”) concrete sewer line servicing eight dwellings. The pipeline ran beneath two busy roads and a newly constructed roundabout.

Problem: A section of the aged concrete pipe had collapsed, which caused regular blockages and slow flow to the system.

Circumvention: A traditional pipe replacement would have required excavating the two busy roads and the newly constructed roundabout. This would have taken 2-3 times longer to complete and would have caused significant traffic disruptions to the town, hospital, and local residents.

pipe lining capcon eng Solution: CapCon’s non-destructive pipe lining technology was the solution the customer was looking for. Our technicians gained access to the sewer line from two existing points; a manhole at each side of the roundabout. First, the pipe was cleared of soft blockages using a jet/vac system. Heavier concrete pipe sections that had collapsed into the pipe were then removed using CapCon’s in-pipe drilling system, which shatters and removes heavy blockages. Once the pipeline was clean and clear, the Nu Drain structural liner was pulled into place. This epoxy liner creates a smooth, seamless pipe inside the existing host pipe to prevent future blockages from occurring and strengthen the integrity of the system. The entire project was completed within one week and no disruption was caused to local residents or road users.

CapCon’s no-dig approach to pipeline rehabilitation saved the customer the expense, time, and disruption associated with traditional pipe replacements.


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