Tesco Swinford Gravity Drainage

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Installation of Gravity Drainage and Siphonic Drainage

Tesco Swinford, located on the Kiltimagh road, is a highly energy efficient store and has a 30 per cent reduced carbon footprint compared to a conventional comparable supermarket. The store has been built using a hybrid timber and steel frame and timber cladding to maximise the use of sustainable building materials, along with low carbon cement. To minimise the use of artificial light, the store has been built with clerestory lighting, a series of windows which are placed high on the side of the building to allow natural light into the top of the store. The store needed the CapCon to install both siphonic rainwater drainage and a gravity drainage system.

The store features a number of state of the art environmental technologies which include solar sensitive lighting on the shop floor with lights automatically dimming when it’s bright outside and brightening up when it becomes darker, CO2 refrigerant systems, and motion detection lighting in staff and store room areas which automatically turn off lights when people leave these areas.

Architect : Joseph Doyle & Co Architects
Main Contractor : Mannings Construction

CapCon Engineering’s Role in this projected included;

  • Siphonic Drainage Systems
  • Polyester Powder Coated Aluminium Gravity Drainage
  • You can Download a Copy of The Case Study here!

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