Ballylumford Pipe Repair

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Pipe Repair at Ballylumford Power Station

The power station is a natural gas-fired power station in Northern Ireland. The plant is owned and operated by AES Bord na Mona.

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Site: Ballylumford power station, owned by AES Bord na Mona is located in Co. Antrim and was originally commissioned in 1943 and in need of pipe repair.

System: 355mm (14”) fire suppression system serving the busy power station.

Problem: A significant portion of the pipeline was leaking, causing reduced pressure and poor performance of the system. This leaking section was located underground below a busy area of the plant and was difficult to access.

Circumvention: The customer sought a fast solution to the problem because the fire suppression system was so important for the safety of the plant and its workers. Had the customer chosen to fix the system using conventional pipe repair techniques, a significant amount of excavation to the plant would have been required. This would have taken months to complete, been 2-3 times more expensive and would have been highly disruptive to daily operations, all of which deterred the customer off traditional solutions.

Solution: CapCon technicians were able to successfully rehabilitate the system and repair pipes without causing any disruption to the plant. CapCon’s structural liner was installed to repair the underground section of the fire system ring and the works were carried out fast and efficiently. The busy plant was able to remain in operation during this time and a costly shutdown was avoided.

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