Capwell Bus Garage – Drainage System

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Drainage System at Capwell Bus Garage

The bus garage in Cork City dates back to 1879. The terminal, previously a railway station, is home to more than 100 buses every day.

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System: 200m drainage system made of common earthenware pipe and PVC.

Problem: The failing drainage system was cracked in numerous locations and had deteriorating joints, resulting in water ingress into surrounding soil and frequent sewer blockages. The customer wanted to avoid the traditional digging approach as it would have been highly disruptive and caused damage to the hardscape and surroundings.

Circumvention: If the customer had chosen a traditional repair method instead of CapCon’s non-invasive approach, the business would have faced closure to services and destruction of surroundings, and months of construction work would have been necessary.

Solution: CapCon’s highly skilled technicians successfully combated the challenging problem facing the customer. The property’s extremely deteriorated earthenware pipes and PVC pipes were carefully cleaned and restored to their original diameter size.  Once the cleaning was complete, ‘Nu Drain’ was used to line the failing pipe system in-place. This allowed the bus station to remain in operation and on schedule as per normal business operations.

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