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Nu Drain at Dublin Port

The Dublin Port Company is a semi state owned company who is responsible for the management, control, operations and development of Dublin Port.

Nu Drain Dublin Port Company CapCon Engineering Ltd Site: Dublin Port handles almost two thirds of Ireland’s trade and is located in the heart of Dublin City. The Port is the 2nd largest industrial estate in Ireland and employs over 4000 people. This project was carried out at Terminal 1 of the busy Port.

System: 110m of concrete sewer pipeline with a diameter of 150mm (6”). The pipe ran from a busy dock yard to a terminal building on a main road, which then lead to an underground pumping station. The system was accessible via four manholes.

Problem: Almost every pipe joint along the sewer line was open, causing ground water to infiltrate into the system during high tide. This would flood the pipe network and as a result the pumping station became overloaded and unable to operate.

Circumvention: As the failing sewer line ran beneath two busy yards, a number of porta cabin offices, a security division, a main road, and a ship docking area, digging and a traditional pipe replacement would have caused security issues and major disruption to the Port’s operations.

Solution: Using existing access points, our team of CapCon technicians installed the Nu Drain structural liner to rehabilitate the system and seal all open joints. This prevented ingress of water into the sewer system and failure of the pumping station. Our team could only work on the system during low tide as the pipeline was subject to high pressure of tidal water. CapCon’s fast curing structural liner was used to deal with these tidal restraints and the project was completed within six days.

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